Due to current health concerns with regards to the virus, ABT Yoga is closed from Monday, March 16th indefinitely. For on-line classes contact Ken on 978.551.6699

Class Schedule

Is ABT Yoga for you? 

Yoga classes are safe, slow and user friendly. No gimmicks. No shortcuts. You’ll be taught to engage your body in a client centered way that nourishes while building strength and flexibility, all finishing with a long deep savasana. (relaxation)


–  Wear loose clothing and try not to eat 2 hours before class, or have a light snack.
–  Bring your own mat; if you don’t have one, then borrow one of ours.
–  Arrive early as classes start on time.
–  For people attending the first time, we suggest arriving 20 minutes early to discuss with the teacher any concerns you may have.

 Suitable for Beginners.

See Class Offerings Page for More Details.

March/April 2020 Monthly Update

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  • Special Offer- Practice, practice, Practice. Come as You are.
  • Commonsense dictates that ABT Yoga will be closing from Monday, March 16th indefinetly.  
  • No 4:30pm class on Sunday, April 19th due to Teacher Training Weekend
  • 2020/2021 Yoga Immersion Program
    For those looking for a deeper experience.
    Talk to Ken, 978.551.6699 to register interest.