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ABT Yoga Staff

Ken Lidden, RYT, PRYT, C-IAYT

Ken is a resident of Topsfield and a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner. He is an Australian who has completed the International Yoga Teachers’ Association 500 plus hour 12 month Training Program, and is still a member of that organization. As a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner, he completed their 650 hour Training Program commuting from Australia to the USA. During his time teaching in Australia, he attended many workshops and sat at the feet of many qualified practitioners and yoga teachers. Ken looks forward to developing ABT Yoga and continuing his ongoing commitment to his own practice. As part of that commitment to Yoga as
Therapy, Ken is a member of Yoga For Health Australia, and the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Jill Manos, RYT 500, PRYT, C-IAYT

Jill found her mat, while studying Art Therapy at Lesley University in 2009, after dealing with years of anxiety, depression and self esteem issues. Yoga became a place that allowed her to begin to find both physical and mental strength along with a sense of community and brave space. This brave space supported her in her recovery, through much grief and continued places of discomfort.
As she continues to grow, being a student first and teacher second, she hopes to provide her students with the opportunity to find what they need most while on their mat to support their ability to show up off of the mat. She holds space to support engagement of breath and sensation to build ability to be present through moments of comfort and of discomfort.
Jill completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Mantra Yoga (RYS) in June of 2016, received her Nia White Belt Certification in November of 2015, completed her Reiki 2 Certification in January of 2019, and finished her 900hr Yoga Therapy training to receive her C-IAYT in December of 2022. She works an artist and a Case Manager/Therapeutic Mentor.

Donna Larkin, RYT

Donna is a resident of Topsfield, and is the mother to three of her greatest teachers. Her own yoga practice began at ABT YOGA in 2007 and has changed her life in extraordinary ways. She received her 200 hour yoga training with ABT Yoga and is registered with Yoga Alliance. Donna is also a graduate of Institute of Integrative Nutrition and appreciates their teaching of bio-individuality. The connection of mind, body and spirit fascinates her, and has learnt that meditation is the porthole to this connection and practices regularly. It is the deep felt gifts of yoga that Donna wishes to share with others for the growth, healing and strength, in whichever form it comes to them, in their own practice.

Jennifer Lauro, RYT

Jennifer Lauro is a Topsfield resident, and a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Jennifer has been practicing yoga since the early ’90s and has been teaching at ABT since 2008. As a full-time mother, lawyer and multi-tasker, Jennifer was initially drawn to yoga as a means both to reduce stress and to get into shape. Her practice has evolved over time: Iyengar, to Bikram, to Power, but for the moment, Jennifer focuses on Hatha-style yoga. She has come to appreciate the spiritual benefits of yoga, and believes strongly that yoga and meditation are essential to her own health. Jennifer lives with a chronic illness, and is motivated to teach yoga so she can share the gifts of wellness and peace that yoga gives to her and offers to us all.

Mel Buttaro, RYT 500

Mel came to yoga after a health scare, and an auspicious set of events led her to begin practicing at ABT. A high school counselor by trade, she was curious about using yoga as a tool for emotional well being, and she took her first yoga teacher training on Healing Physical and Emotional Trauma. Never expecting to become a yoga teacher, she continued in the training program just to learn more. The more she learned, experienced, and practiced, though, she overcame her fear of teaching, and completed her 200 hour training. She created a Principles of Mindfulness elective for seniors at her school, and began teaching a before school yoga class for
staff and faculty. Initially a sub for the Tuesday night Restorative class, Mel now teaches Restorative on Thursday nights, and completed her 500 hour training before the pandemic hit. As a yoga teacher, she strives to provide a welcome space for folks to stretch, move, and breathe in a way that works for their unique bodies. She enjoys teaching Restorative, as well as gentle, beginner friendly classes that are accessible, inclusive, and fun. Mel has also completed her Reiki Master training and has recently been accepted into a Yoga Therapy program.

Kelley Rae Unger, RYT

Kelley Rae Unger has a passion for teaching yoga that is accessible for “every body.” As a yoga teacher who knows the challenges of practicing with chronic physical limitations, she approaches both her home and studio practice with curiosity and kindness, and strives to share those things in her teaching. A former public librarian, Kelley has a deep connection with nature and the outdoors, and a lifelong love of words and literature.
Offering classes that are accessible and inclusive with a focus on deeper mind-body connection, Kelley is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200) with Yoga Alliance who received her RYT 200 certification from ABT Yoga in 2018. She also became an Accessible Yoga Certified Teacher in 2021. Follow Kelley on Instagram @wingsandwordsyoga.

Haley Games, RYT

Haley received her 200hr yoga teaching certification and has been teaching yin since 2020. She is also a licensed massage therapist and reiki practitioner. Having a passion for studying the mind/body/soul connection and how movement along with breathwork can open the door for something within to be explored. That we all have access to this practice no matter where you’re at.

Shelby Weaver, RYT

Shelby lives in Ipswich Mass. She has been teaching Hatha and Yin yoga since she completed her 200hr teacher training in 2020. She is Reiki 1&2 certified. Shelby loves both practicing and teaching Hatha and Yin Yoga. A regular yoga practice is pure medicine and magic. Shelby feels like you just have to show up for yourself on your mat day in day out, as much as you can. It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself. No matter where you’re at in your life, no matter how you’re feeling, remembering to return back to your breath again and again has taught her so much. Being patient with yourself, it’s always a practice. She believes yoga is for everyone, everybody, every age.

Lana Seguin-Spillman (Spillman), RYT

Lana took her first yoga class in about 2000 and she was among the first students attending classes at ABT Yoga when it opened in 2007. She received her 200-hour certification with ABT Yoga in 2020 and is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. Lana has a life-long appreciation of nature and frequently walks in woodlands and other conservation areas with friends. In addition to traditional
employment, Lana has many years of experience as a volunteer –teaching swimming (mostly adults), and with local non-profits – in human services and in environmental awareness and protection. She hopes others come to appreciate the benefits of yoga as she does, perhaps gaining physical strength, balance, and flexibility while, more importantly, becoming more accepting, compassionate, and self-content.