ABT Yoga Staff

Ken Lidden, RYT, PRYT

Ken is a resident of Topsfield and a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner. He is an Australian who has completed the International Yoga Teachers’ Association 500 plus hour 12 month Training Program, and is still a member of that organization. As a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner, he completed their 650 hour Training Program commuting from Australia to the USA. During his time teaching in Australia, he attended many workshops and sat at the feet of many qualified practitioners and yoga teachers. Ken looks forward to developing ABT Yoga and continuing his ongoing commitment to his own practice. As part of that commitment to Yoga as Therapy, Ken is a member of Yoga For Health Australia, and the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Donna Larkin, RYT

Donna is a resident of Topsfield, and is the mother to three of her greatest teachers.  Her own yoga practice began at ABT YOGA in 2007 and has changed her life in extraordinary ways.  She received her 200 hour yoga training with ABT Yoga and is registered with Yoga Alliance.   Donna is also a graduate of Institute of Integrative Nutrition and appreciates their teaching of bio-individuality.  The connection of mind, body and spirit fascinates her, and has learnt that meditation is the porthole to this connection and practices regularly.  It is the deep felt gifts of yoga that Donna wishes to share with others for the growth, healing and strength, in whichever form it comes to them, in their own practice.

Jennifer Lauro, RYT

Jennifer Lauro is a Topsfield resident, and a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.  Jennifer has been practicing yoga since the early ’90s and has been teaching at ABT since 2008.
As a full-time mother, lawyer and multi-tasker, Jennifer was initially drawn to yoga as a means both to reduce stress and to get into shape.  Her practice has evolved over time: Iyengar, to Bikram, to Power, but for the moment, Jennifer focuses on Hatha-style yoga.  She has come to appreciate the spiritual benefits of yoga, and believes strongly that yoga and meditation are essential to her own health.
Jennifer lives with a chronic illness, and is motivated to teach yoga so she can share the gifts of wellness and peace that yoga gives to her and offers to us all.

Wyndee Egan, RYT

Wyndee has been practicing yoga and meditation for many years, but seriously returned to the mat after a physical injury in 2007. This motivated her to do the 200 hr teacher training program with Kim Valeri at Yoga Spirit. She particularly enjoys working with people who are new to yoga and adapting the postures to the needs of each person. Wyndee works with people who are facing major health issues teaching how the asanas can help you find the stillness among the challenges and chaos in their lives.

Kelley Rae Unger, RYT

Kelley Rae Unger has a passion for teaching yoga that is accessible for “every body.” As a yoga teacher who knows the challenges of practicing with chronic physical limitations, she approaches both her home and studio practice with curiosity and kindness, and strives to share those things in her teaching. A former librarian, Kelley has a deep connection with nature and the outdoors, and a lifelong love of words and literature. Offering classes that are accessible and inclusive with a focus on deeper mind-body connection, Kelley is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance who received her RYT 200 certification from ABT Yoga in 2018. Follow Kelley on Instagram  @wingsandwordsyoga.

Anna Wall, RYT

Anna trained with Ken Lidden at ABT Yoga, and received her 200-hour teacher certification in 2018.

For 16 years Anna taught reiki to students at different reiki clinics, including the North Shore Medical Center- Union Hospital.
Anna loves to teach. Her teaching style is caring, compassionate, respectful, thoughtful, and can be accompanied with a sense of humor.  Her first priority is to create a safe place for students.
Anna has practiced many healing modalities including Transformational Breathwork, and chanting which is Bhakti yoga.

A regular practitioner of Hatha yoga and meditation, Anna comes to teaching yoga because she believes that it encourages people to be present, enables people to get stronger, and helps people connect to their own truth, which empowers them.

Martha Lovley, RYT

Martha resides in Danvers and is transitioning from a 33 year career with a large corporate financial services firm in Boston.
She completed, in July 2018, the 200 hour yoga teacher training at ABT and has been practicing yoga: meditation for more than 16 years and her physical practice over the years has been with Kripalu and Iyengar teachers while spending the last year and a half at ABT.   The focus on core muscle strengthening, while keeping the awareness of the breath and respect the cues from the body, has helped her to bring this strength and awareness to life off the mat.
Martha brings a calm and playful teaching style to the classes while providing a safe environment for all to explore the subtle transformative power of yoga.

Sarah Shea, RYT

Sarah is a Massachusetts native who has been practicing yoga since 2004. Sarah has been teaching for over 5 years and is trained in hatha vinyasa, earning her Yoga Alliance RYT 200 when she was living in South Carolina. Sarah aims to bring a sense of calm, peace, and mindfulness to the student experience. She personally finds that each time she steps on the mat whether to teach or to practice she learns something new, and deepens her value of the intrinsic connection between mind, body, and soul. She brings her vibrant personality to the teaching mat, to challenge her students in different ways. Sarah has a strong meditation practice and looks forward to sharing her knowledge on yoga and meditation with you.

Lesley McCormick, RYT

Lesley lives in Boxford and is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.  She first turned to yoga after the birth of her first daughter – 13 years ago – in search of some relaxation and to provide a balance to some of the other fitness activities in her life.  Even in those early days she remembers having thoughts of teaching yoga. Yoga for Lesley is “like coming home to yourself”.  Through the practice of asanas, with the focus of the breath and through meditation she has discovered a deeper awareness that she finds helps her deal with the challenges of life.  It is this gift of yoga that she would like to be able to share with others.

Karen Johnston, RYT

Karen is a resident of Beverly, MA.  Her journey into yoga began slowly over 13 years ago.  Karen decided to make changes in her life, so after 25 years in the corporate world, she began focusing on the healing arts.
Karen completed the 200 hour yoga teacher training offered by yogaspirit Studios as well as other healing modalities.
Karen’s teaching style offers a relaxed atmosphere where the focus is on releasing blocks within the body and mind to enable her students to get in touch with and explore themselves

Cinde Perdigao

Cinde has been guiding meditation practice for students for 5 years and began as a student at ABT Yoga in the late 90s. At the age of 6, Cinde suffered a stroke which has led to her keen interest in meditation and yoga and their relationship to trauma. She believes strongly that recognizing gratitude leads to an integration of mind, body and spirit. In her classes there is a focus on developing/awakening authentic self and being present to all aspects of self discovery. There is an integration of the Yoga Yama and Niyamas in her classes and a fostering of daily meditation practice for students. She is also a photographer/artist who teaches healing through creative process.