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Foundations of Yoga Program

Live a Beautiful Life
How Good Could You Feel!
How Happy Can You Be!

“Practice being kind and gentle (Ahimsa).
Practice seeking balance between effort and ease (Satya).
Practice living in gratitude (Asteya) while being nourished
by the grace of your breath (Brachmacharya).
Practice learning to let things come,
let things be, and let things go (Aparigrapha).
Practice removing the obstacles (Saucha) that limit
our happiness and contentment (Santosha).
Practice being passionate in life (Tapas),
while studying yourself (Svadhyaya).
Practice learning to surrender to grace while receiving each
moment with an open heart. (Ishvara Pranidhana).

The Foundations of Yoga begin to apply even before you move your body.
Often called practicing Yoga Off the Mat.

By practicing the foundations when you move your body,
it’s Yoga On the Mat.

You are practicing having them be a part of your life,
on and off the yoga mat.

An 11-week course that will take you into the Foundations of Yoga
so that you can practice away from your yoga mat.

Yearly or Monthly Members $395
Non Members $585

If you have done the program and want to do it again, $195.

Next program starts, Thursday, March 16th, 5pm-6:45pm.

Pre-registration and payment is required.
Includes yoga class, 11 week course and the book on the Foundations of

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