Yoga Teacher Training 

“The teacher training program at ABT Yoga is nothing short of transformative. Ken Lidden offers teacher training that goes well beyond the nuts and bolts of asanas to dive deep into yoga’s ethical and spiritual aspects as well. Students learn to offer classes that are inclusive, accessible, and rooted in kindness. Outside of regularly scheduled weekly classes, Ken is available for office hours to focus on specific student questions and practice teaching. Office hours happen both one on one and in small groups, and are a wonderful way to gain confidence and refine skills. As someone who went through the teacher training program while working full time, I greatly appreciated Ken’s flexibility in being available for office hours on evenings and weekends. ABT’s teacher training program gave me the tools and support that I needed to become the teacher I want to be.”

 Yoga Teacher Training 2021/2022

Program starts Thursday, September 16th 2021
Spaces still available.
Contact 978.551.6699 to register interest or ask questions.


Welcome to the ABT Yoga community, a vibrant, yoga centered space with over 200 regular members; a community where everyone is supported.

ABT Yoga is a working studio with over 30 yoga classes per week and over 15 weekly private sessions, open since 2007.

The program entitles the student to:

  • All books and materials.
  • Weekly office hours with instructors for mentoring and guidance.
  • 40 weeknight classes and 4 weekend intensives.
  • Limited class size to ensure individualized attention.
  • Opportunities to practice teaching, beginning early in the program.

Yoga Alliance Membership (ABT Yoga’s Teacher Training Program is Yoga Alliance approved.)

Our aim is to support our students as they become confident and well-informed yoga teachers, able to work with a variety of students, across all ages and body types.

Our teachers work closely with physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, andbody workers. Together, they have over 26,000 plus hours of teaching experience since 2001.



  • You will explore the physical, emotional and spiritual side of yoga
  • We will delve deeply into the eight limbs of yoga and learn how to live our yoga every day
  • Together, we’ll explore the effectiveness of yoga as an element of healing

You will learn to teach asanas with a mind for safe and effective practices for students of all body types and limitations


Program starts Thursday, September 16th, 2021 at 5:30PM
Weekly classes begin at 5:30PM each Thursday and run until 9:30PM Weekend intensives: Saturday 9AM to 5:00PM and Sundays from 11AM to 5PM

  • November 20th & 21st, 2021
  • February 12th & 13th, 2022
  • April 23 & 24th, 2022
  • July 2nd & 3rd, 2022
  • No Class Thursday, November 25th
  • No Class December 23rd
  • All programs held at ABT Yoga. 22 South Main Street, Topsfield, MA 01983


  • Books will be handed out on the first day of class
  • Other materials to be provided throughout the course


  • Attendance in full: 40 weekly Thursday night classes
  • Attendance in full: 4 weekend intensives
  • Completion of ten written (typed) journal assignments on yamas and niyamas
  • Completion of a home practice journal
  • Develop and teach a free community class plan and prepare two additional classes
  • Weekly reading assignments


Program cost: $4320.00

  • Payment plan: Six $720.00 payments. First due by September 1st, 2021
    Each additional payment due monthly, by the first day of the month.
  • $3960.00 if paid in full by September 1st, 2021
  • $3720.00 if paid in full by August 1st, 2021
  • $3500.00 if paid in full by July 1st, 2021
    Payment plan: Five $700.00 payments. First due by May 1st, 2021
    Each additional payment due monthly, by the first day of the month 


  • For first class: A yoga mat, meditation cushion if you have one, notebook and pen/electronic note taking device
  • Going forward: Yoga mat, books, notebook and pen/electronic note taking device
  • Read the assigned pages/chapters prior to class
  • Wear comfortable clothing that provides for easy movement


This is a 200 hour yoga teacher training certification, approved by Yoga Alliance

Techniques, Training and Practice: 100 hours:
This topic includes but is not limited to: asanas, pranayamas, chanting, mudras, mantra, meditation and other techniques.

Teaching Methodology: 25 hoursThis topic includes but is not limited to: communication skills, group dynamics, time management, maintaining boundaries, addressing specific needs of individual and groups, teaching styles, principles of demonstration, observation, assisting and correcting.

Anatomy and Physiology: 20 hours
This topic includes but is not limited to: human physical anatomy, energy anatomy and physiology (chakras, nadis, etc.). We will apply what we learn to our yoga practice (benefits, contraindications, healthy movement patterns, etc.).

Philosophy, lifestyle, & ethics: 30 hours
This topic includes but is not limited to: study of yoga philosophy, traditional texts (yamas, niyamas, sutras, etc.) and ethics for yoga teachers.

Practicum: 10 hours
This topic includes but is not limited to: practice teaching as the lead instructor, receiving and giving feedback, observing others teach.

Other: 15 hours
Ayurveda. Restorative Yoga. Yin Yoga. Pre Natal.


  • All assignments handed in on due date given.
  • A certificate of completion will be provided at completion of assignments and course hours.


Phone/Text/Email: (Texting is preferable)
Ken Lidden:
Phone: 978-551-6699

Designated office hours: to be arranged as the program proceeds.


Weekly attendance at the Thursday night yoga class is required as this is part of the 200 hour curriculum. As part of the program, you are allotted three missed classes which can be made up during office hours. Once your allotment of three classes has been used, you can make up the class at a cost of $115.00 per hour.

If a weekend intensive is missed, it can be made up in a single day session at an extra cost of $800.00.

ABT Yoga
22 South Main Street
Topsfield, MA 01983